Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Haha, so this is more for my benefit then for yours...
I don't know who all knew what I've been tossing up in the air for awhile, but I have decided on a couple of things.
#1. I'm not attending Running Start. This is mainly because the only time I have in my schedule is in the evening, and I don't want to take evening classes.
#2. I'm staying home for spring quarter, no running off to an unknown location to get my phlebotomy tech or EMT.
#3. I'm planning on going to Thailand for school starting in October of next year. I haven't gotten accepted yet, haven't even taken my GED yet, but that will be done in short order, once the new year starts.
Now, I just have to figure out what I'm doing next summer before I leave for Thailand... :)